We worked with Pfizer on strategy and implementation for consumer health products, online marketing and social media marketing.

B2C E-Commerce. Understanding the opportunities and risks in e-commerce for consumer health brands. How to leverage the Pfizer brand and consumer health brands and websites to maximize the Pfizer brands' potential across multiple online retail channels.

Tracking Online Advertising. Research and recommendations on sulutions for tracking branded advertising and email marketing solutions that follow the consumer from first touchpoint to coupon redemption. Comparative benchmarking and review of primary competitors.

B2B E-Commerce. How to use the Pfizer EDI/EC (Electronic Data Interchange/Electronic Commerce) platform to sell to distributors, retailers and partners.

Social Media. Outreach to retailers to generate social media opportunities and measure social media reach and visibility.

Online Coupons and Promotions. Investigate online promotions and sample platforms, online coupons and other interactive products to increase brand awareness and drive sales.